Reasons for Using a Proxy Server
Do you wish to enjoy unrestricted access to the unlimited information and data that abounds the internet? Well, you may as well consider using a proxy server if you are denied access to a blocked website within your geographical region. You can make use of a proxy server, web proxy or proxy sites to gain access to restricted content, as well as hide yourself online. Using a web proxy, you have the liberty to use the internet without having to reveal your identity. Anonymity is another reason why you might consider using proxy sites instead of opting for a direct search. Moreover, a proxy server not only allows you to hide yourself online, but it may also work to add to your online security.

Proxy servers are a good way to enjoy anonymity online. Using direct internet connection, you can be easily traced through your IP addresses, user agent information and through cookies stored on your computer. However, using web proxy and proxy sites, you can hide yourself online, as these conceal your IP addresses, do not reveal the authentic user agent information and can effectively block cookies. With proxy servers, online anonymity is no more a thing of the past!

Unlimited Access
One of the main reasons behind the use of web proxy and proxy sites is the liberty of unrestricted internet access.
Proxy server is a common and easy solution to internet censorship. Various countries and governments today implement stringent internet censorship policies, which restrict the users settled in those particular geographical zones from accessing several websites and online content. Proxy servers and proxy sites help internet users overcome this barrier and have free and convenient access to blocked content. Bookmark Links

Type the address of the site to visit, via proxy:

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Improves Security
Proxy servers are also beneficial for improving the security of your networks. These protect the networks from exposure to any malicious websites, which can be source of malware content spreading through your system and network. Web proxy also facilitates encryption to protect your data from being accessed by an unauthorised third party.

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